1. e34m5's Avatar
    Just installed Absinthe. Now I am looking for a lockscreen with a nice big Clock and Date. I want something like the Android clock widget.

    Saw one in a picture of an iPhone but haven't been able to locate it.

    Please advise.
    06-03-2012 06:37 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    If it's something like this you want:

    then you might try Lockinfo with the HTC Clock plugin (just search in Cydia). Or if yo don't want Lockinfo, you could try this HTC Lockscreen:

    Basically, just search Cydia for HTC and you'll find a bunch of options...
    06-03-2012 09:30 PM
  3. Therealb's Avatar
    Attachment 16332I use bulatech on my lockscreen
    06-04-2012 02:43 PM
  4. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    These are mine:

    Buuf weather with HTC clock:

    Typophone weather. I think there's one without the weather widget if you don't want that.

    06-06-2012 09:21 AM
  5. rich67's Avatar
    Perpage HTML has an HTC style clock widget integrated into it. Works awesome for the home page. Buuf works awesome for the lock screen.
    06-06-2012 09:46 AM
  6. Chanpisan#IM's Avatar
    Typophone 4 is a nice one

    Sent from my iPhone 4 using Tapatalk
    06-06-2012 10:52 AM