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    Hello Geeks !!

    I am New here & Belong from India...

    (Excuse Me if posting is done in wrong Section- Mr. Administrator pl.)

    Now, I have gone a iphone 4s week ago, Jailbreaking, iOS, Unlocking, Grevey Sim,Cydia, all these terms were all new to me, after googling now I am aware of these things.

    Still confused with, Mine is iPhone 4s with iOS 5.01 version 9A405, its jailbroken & unlocked as well. Since I am using it on Indian Service provider (Grevey Sim), I fill that my phone's Battery life is Horribly frustrating me, often a time if feel that it will be ok when I will reset it with Factory settings, also have tried all the goggled tips like disabling location services, wifi, weather, siri etc etc.

    I get more confused the moment when I try to get some add on via Cydia and the message in red fonts says Dont update to 5.1.

    My queries:

    1)Should I be with Jailbreaking ?
    2)What should I do to get a good battery life.
    3)I have not Internet Tethering option in my phone only APN, USERNAME & Password fields are there.

    Pl. guide me with appropriately.

    Note: I have not sync till now with iTunes & iCloud

    Best Regards
    04-28-2012 03:54 AM
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    If you want to keep you jailbreak and unlock, then you need to stay on 5.0.1.

    Updating to 5.1 will make you battery life better as there was a bug in 5.0.1 relating to battery life.

    You can install a tweak from Cydia called tetherme with should allow you to tether. I used this, but I have an iphone 4. But it should be the same.

    Just a few points. when I first bought my iphone 4. It had a dodgy battery and I had to take it back and get it replaced.

    Also, i have noticed if you use your phone a lot all day it will eat up a lot of battery. However if you leave it in standby (not using it) it should last over 24 hours. If it doesn't then something is wrong. Either the battery itself or it is the bug in 5.0.1.

    It looks like there is a jailbreak coming out soon for 5.1. When it does, I recommend updating to that and then jailbreaking.

    Cydia says don't update to 5.1 because its a way of telling you that you will loose you jailbreak or the tweak or app isn't compatible with 5.1.

    It is worth seeing how long you phone lasts not doing anything. If it is under 4-6 hours, then it is the battery itself.

    Hope this helps
    05-01-2012 12:00 PM