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    If you need some nostalgia and want to play some good old Pokemon or Warioland like me, buy GBC.EMU from Cydia!
    I tried two other emulators that performed poorly and needed updates (even if you switch apps you lose everything!..)

    But GBC.EMU is amazing! Virtually no lag and it autosaves games!
    It's pretty cool showing off how I can instantly switch between three games as if they are all running at the same time because it seemlessly saves states!

    Also for retina nazis like me it's the best. The control pad isn't perfect but much sharper than anything else I found. Also you can change the "linear" filter off in options to keep the graphics sharp.

    Lastly I just learned today that if you tap the top left while playing, the game goes in to super fast mode. It's perfect when playing pokemon since some aspects like conversations and battles are so slow!

    That last one was the reason I decided to share. This app blows me away and I am so glad the developer put this together.

    The only downside is that this emulator does not have a built in ROM downloader. I but I just use SSH or DropBox+iFile to get that done anyways.
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    If anyone knows when the n64iphone will be updated or if there is some alternative please let me know.

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