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    This morning my Tweetings crashed.. saying I had sent to many requests and had to wait like 51 minutes.. then my Springboard crashed and put my phone into Safe Mode... in which I cannot get out of safe mode - numerous reboots, gives me the same error message and puts my phone back into safe mode on boot up.

    I unistalled all the new programs I installed over the past couple of days, did several resets (power/home button hold) and still goes into Safe Mode.

    deleted Tweetings as well. I had installed the Fandango App this morning and after which is when I got the Safe Mode restarts. Deleted this app as well.

    I installed CrashReporter but have no idea how to read the crash logs, etc... I can copy the latest crash report if anyone can read it and tell me which extensions may be causing this issue?

    Can anyone help get me back on my way???

    Jailbroke 4s running 5.0.1
    04-14-2012 11:45 AM
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    One other thing. The other night I deleted several themes using iFunBox via my computer.. these were themes that I'd downloaded via Cydia.. I deleted them using this utility program instead of deleting them via Cydia (I acutally made backup copies on my computer before deleting the specific themes).

    Well I went in to Cydia and manually deleted several of the themes that were still showing up that I know I deleted using iFunBox.. i'm thinking maybe there were residual files that didnt get removed when i simply deleted the themes using iFunbox...

    So.. now all seems to be right in the world.. re-booted ok and seems to be running fine..:o
    04-14-2012 12:09 PM