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    I got a replacement phone from apple to replace my destroyed phone, a phone that I never had any problem jailbreaking on OS 4 or 5. This new phone one though is proving to be a tough nut. I may have screwed up somewhere. The new phone is an iphone 4 running 5.0.1 I downloaded the latest version of redsnow, but when I went to jailbreak, used the wrong directory and attempted to jailbreak with 9.9b6 rather than 9.10b6. The process started, but 9.9b6 failed with the message "unrecognized build" Realizing the mistake, I fired up 9.10b6 and tried again, but now, redsnow doesn't detect the device when I try to put it in dfu mode. I have tried multiple times, and used the handholding page for dfu mode built into the program. No go.

    I'm wondering if the failed attempt to JB with the older version of redsnow might have changed the software enough to keep redsnow from seeing the phone in dfu mode? Redsnow and itunes both see the phone OK in normal mode.

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    Let me add to my post that 0.9.9b6 gets through limerain exploit and first and second stages, and then claims an unrecognized build after second stage, and stops. Also, I tried using 0.9.9b6 again after 9.10b6 couldn't see the device in dfu mode, and 0.9.9b6 had no problem seeing the phone in dfu mode, but crashed as before claiming an unrecognized build.

    Further update: problem solved. After trying unsuccessfully to use 0.9.9b6 to use a 5.0.1 firmware grabbed from the iphone wiki, I tried once again with 0.9.10b6, and after another failure, while the phone was sitting attached in dfu mode, I checked the settings on redsnow, made no changes, and then backed out to the main screen. Suddenly, redsnow went to work, apparantly immediately recognizing the phone, and jailbroke uneventfully from there. Very weird incident.
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