1. azngunner's Avatar
    I have a Sprint iphone 4s, the other day I read somewhere that I could change my prl to custom to allow roaming on Verizon data. Here is the link: Force Roam Sprint iPhone on Verizon (Jailbreak required) (helps data speed issue)

    I followed it step by step, but it never seemed to work...I never got the searching for signal. Eventually, after leaving the "PrlPushFlag" set to "on", ifile decided to crash and reboot my phone. Basically not allowing me to set the "PrlPushFlag" back to "off". Anyways, now I'm not able to get on Sprint 3g or Verizon. What's the best way to get the phone back to how I had it. It's on 5.0.1 jb with absinthe. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    03-21-2012 12:30 PM