1. demonio's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I have a Jailbroken iPhone 4 and lately I've been getting a "dba-tech Common" error. It won't let me either install or remove anything from Cydia. Any help on how to fix this is appreciated.

    03-14-2012 07:30 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    It looks like it's because you have stolen apps installed (see the part that says "trying to overwrite..."). Get rid of those apps and the repo they came from and you'll probably have better results.

    dba-common files are used for David Ashman's paid tweaks, by the by. (Lockinfo, etc.)
    03-14-2012 08:25 PM
  3. demonio's Avatar
    Yes, that did it. I uninstalled the xSellize repo and the apps and everything's back to normal. Thanks!
    03-15-2012 04:10 AM