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    Ok whats the best way to back up my jailbroken iPhone? If I use aptbackup will it save my 5.0.1 so if I have to restore I can go back to that iOS? I dont like syncing my phone to itunes because I have a fear that its removing my jailbreak. What I want to do is back up all my cydia apps and keep 5.0.1. Is this possible? Any I have tried to get a book on this subject but I can't find one? Does anyone know if there is a book and how completely understand how to use a jailbroken iPhone. Looking specifically on how to use SSH, how to back up and most importantly is the terminology. Ive been able to figure a lot of stuff out but it seems these websites write in terminology for people that are developers. I need something written with an understanding that I'm just an avid iPhone junkie.....
    03-12-2012 03:32 PM
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    You can't really back up the entire OS...this is why saving your SHSH blobs is so important--for most devices, they are what allows you to return to older firmwares. However, I see you are on a 4S, so that isn't going to work for you. Because of hardware changes made for the 4S, you can no longer use those saved "blobs" to restore to an older firmware. If you update to 5.1, you will be stuck there until a new jb is released.

    The best thing you can do is be safe: don't run out and install every new tweak or app that gets released in Cydia, and do some research on conflicts before you do install anything. (For instance, the jb app Copic has some serious conflicts with RetinaPad and PhotoAlbums+ that can lead to the need to restore, which for you would mean 5.1--but a simple search would alert you to that before installation.)

    That said, you can still sync with iTunes without fear. Just don't update when you get the popup asking if you want to update to the newer iPhone software.(And, obviously, don't do the over-the-air update via your phone either!) You can also save your Cydia apps in a number of ways, but in this situation it's kind of beside the point since you wouldn't be able to reload them if you had to restore to 5.1.
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    03-12-2012 03:59 PM