1. gizbug's Avatar
    If I update to 5.1, lose my JB, but decide in future to jailbreak... Will apps I bought on cydia still be there so I don't have to repurchase?
    03-08-2012 12:42 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    Yep, you just need to sign into Cydia with the same id you used to buy the app in the first place, and then click Manage Account for a list of previously purchased apps you can then re-download for free.
    03-08-2012 01:09 PM
  3. Rockdog97's Avatar
    Thats good to know. Thanks for the tip Massie...
    03-10-2012 03:33 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    Sure...one thing to note is that some devs limit your licenses to one device. Others let you use it on two--something to keep in mind in case you want to use something on an iPhone and an iPad, or on a newer iPhone, etc.
    03-10-2012 07:29 PM