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  1. mkk255's Avatar
    Hey guys I am getting the iPhone 4s later today and I'm wondering if there would be any problems if I tried backing up my iPhone 4 backup to the new iPhone 4s. I know under normal circumstances this would be easy as pie but the thing about my iPhone 4 backup is that it is jailbroken.

    What, if any, problems will arise?
    03-08-2012 12:10 AM
  2. icebox93's Avatar
    I don't see any reason why the restore will fail, but what things will look like will depend on what jailbreak tweaks you had. For example, if you had infinifolders or some other app that allowed you more than 12 apps in a folder, your apps will be a mess. Restoring a jail broken iTunes backup onto a stock new phone is not any different than what happens when you upgrade the OS on the same phone, as backups iTunes saves from the previous jailbroken OS are applied at the end of the OS upgrade to the new stock OS. iTunes doesn't preserve jailbreak tweaks so none of that stuff will transfer over.
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    03-08-2012 12:54 AM