1. Nht's Avatar
    Hello again guys. Trying to JB my iphone 4 with the above info and currently using Gevey turbo sim so I need to be able to use it after JB. Ive been out of the JBing scene for a few months and you guys always have the best advice. WHat are my options? Should I JB 4.3.5(if one is available) or update to 5.01 and JB. THanks!
    03-01-2012 11:52 PM
  2. sherlock's Avatar
    I would update to 5.01 and use Absynthe to JB. Worked great for me.
    03-02-2012 12:40 AM
  3. Nht's Avatar
    I thought Absinthe is only for iphone 4s and ipad 2? Will this retain my baseband to allow me to unlock with Gevey turbo sim?
    03-03-2012 01:00 AM
  4. sherlock's Avatar
    Perhaps you are right. I would follow this guide. Jailbreak
    03-04-2012 01:38 PM