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    Hello, I have attempted to Jailbreak my iphone 3gs

    But I mistakenly put the ipad baseband on my phone 5.0.1 OS

    My iphone 3gs is not compatible with the baseband I put on mistakenly

    Obviously now my phone will not work correctly nor will it work at all... I turn it on get the apple logo and then plug into itunes... After this my phone just turns itself off..

    I am not writing here to show off my problem I am hoping for a clear solution explained easy.. I am not good with phone jailbreaking etc.. This is not the type of thing I follow up on... Although if it is a hard job to do then for what ever help I get I will try and keep in contact with that person, and Pay for said help, It won't be much money of course I am only a student

    Although I will try to donate/give as much as I can,

    Thank you for posting

    I am sorry if this has already a fix and I have not noticed it.
    02-29-2012 03:52 PM