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    So I jailbroke my iPhone 4s for the first time last night. Let me begin by saying, I will never do it again. I followed all the directions step by step. First thing before I did anything was back up my phone. That was a success. Afterwards I clicked on the Absinthe app from my Mac desktop and clicked jailbreak. It did its thing. I read that it could take a while so I walked away. Came back and it said for me to unlock the device and tap on the Absinthe app on my iPhone. I did that. The app loaded a web page and then did absolutely nothing for 10 minutes. I tried again, and still nothing. I really wanted to jailbreak as my friend was showing me all the cool things one could do.

    Well I figured that I would just restore and try again. I wanted to restore my phone to the backup I had made 20 minutes earlier. So I closed out of the Absinthe app on the computer and opened iTunes. iTunes automatically begins syncing my phone!!!!!!!!! Keep in mind all my pictures in camera roll were gone (which is normal for this jailbreak). I'm thinking to myself that iTunes is going to backup everything "currently" on the phone including my empty camera roll folder and Absinthe app. Well hold and behold it did exactly that.

    My phone restored the exact same way. The Absinthe app remained. I then tried to re-jailbreak by attempting this again through my computer. It took 3 more times and it finally worked, of course no one said that I would have to disable my password lock. Once the cydia app loaded I played around with it. I was kind of shocked to see that the majority of the apps cost money. Then my messaging icon and phone icon turned white, yes white. I rebooted the phone and they were still white. That's when I said "bye bye Jailbreak" and restored my phone as new.

    It took about an hour to reorganize all my folders and enter all my contacts in again. But this all could have been prevented if I could have chose that specific backup I had made before all of this. Fortunately, I didn't have any important pictures in camera roll. I learned my lesson the hard way. My device also lagged with the jailbreak which also made me get rid of it.

    So my advice to anyone willing to do this is - know iTunes, and know EXACTLY what you are doing, and most of all BE CAREFUl!!!!
    02-25-2012 12:32 PM
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    I agree that it's important to do your homework first--it sounds like that's what went wrong here.
    02-25-2012 12:49 PM
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    I agree that it's important to do your homework first--it sounds like that's what went wrong here.
    Perhaps. I also didn't like how my iPhone lagged. It wasn't bad, but noticeable. Every little change I made, the phone would "respring" which kind of drove me nuts. But I got the experience and know better now.
    02-25-2012 01:01 PM
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    It can definitely be a drag on performance, depending on what you install--not every jb app is coded equally, and some don't perform as well as others. I think jailbreaking is really best suited to people who enjoy tinkering--with their phones, with computer code, etc. I can see how it could be frustrating otherwise. (A simple example: most jb apps don't tell you whether or not they will work on your firmware version--so you might download something that only works on 4.3.3, even though you're on 5.0.1. Then when it doesn't work, you're stuck trying to figure out if it's the app, your phone, etc. Some developers DO add this check to their jb apps, and it's always appreciated.)

    The other issues, though, are all pretty easily remedied by reading beforehand: for instance, I never have iTunes set to automatically sync, in part because of the situation you describe above. As for the passcode issue, here are the instructions included with the Absinthe download:

    USAGE: (MacOSX, Windows & Linux)

    1. Always backup your device before you start. Remove the passcode lock and make sure you do not have a backup password set.
    2. Unzip/extract the absinthe .zip package to a directory easy to find.
    3. (etc...)

    So they specifically tell you in the very first step to remove the passcode. Not trying to pick on you in particular, just pointing out for anyone else thinking about jailbreaking that--like you say--you definitely want to know exactly what you'll be doing before getting started. If you ever feel like trying it again, I'm around to help!
    02-25-2012 01:27 PM
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    Honestly, I had problems with the jailbreak as well at first. But once I figured it out it was amazing. I have soo much more functionality out of my phone that I could never have had before. Apps like IntelliscreenX, anyattach, iFile, iControl, SBSettings and soo many more have really made it MY iPhone.

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    02-25-2012 01:46 PM
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    First thing and you may want to do this now is uncheck the automatically sync box.

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    02-25-2012 01:50 PM
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    i hear ya. i love the way a fresh restore feels. call me crazy but i am constantly restoring as new and re-jailbreaking because of little imperfections

    yes, i have a problem.. okay??!
    02-25-2012 10:01 PM
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    call me crazy

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    02-26-2012 09:22 AM
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    Theres is a part of me that wants to go stock... Just for a little bit because I literally jailbroke my iPod touch 3 the day I got it, and my iphone4 the day I got it so I've NEVER been stock...
    But it's only a little part of me, so I just hit him with a stick and make him get back in the corner
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    02-26-2012 11:23 AM
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    I ran this jailbreak on my 4s two days ago. Ive had this device since Monday and this is my first iOS device.

    When I ran the jailbreak tool, the first box that popped up told me to go into settings and disable the pass lock. I disabled it, ran the jailbreak again and it was completed successfully in 5 minutes. Following the directions properly is very important when hacking your phone.

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    02-26-2012 12:05 PM