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    I really need opinions on this/suggestions on stuff to add like widgets/etc, so don't be shy to let me know!


    PlatinumRed is the first theme of the #RealisticThemes Alpha-series, and is my third shot at theming.

    I began creating this theme the day I got a white iPhone because there weren't many themes that look nice on it, and if there were any, they weren't iOS 5 compatible

    I've learned a lot from GoldDust, but have also had even more practice in Photoshop since GoldDust.

    This theme includes an SBSettings theme, a UISettings theme, a Siri theme, a Zeppelin theme, an IntelliScreenX theme, a fully themed messages app, camera app, weather app, notes app, calculator app, clock app, phone app, music app, and a homescreen weather widget.

    Please download Zeppelin to use the carrier logo, I've began using Zeppelin instead of the old-fashioned way of theming the carrier logo because I'm using a carrier that involves a hassle to get one to show, plus Zeppelin gives you the option to turn it off. I also suggest that all themers do the same. It's free, just search it on Cydia

    Also, please set the wallpaper in the Settings app (Settings>Wallpaper>Wallpaper>PlatinumRed), this is to avoid the annoying Winterboard limitation that causes the wallpaper to disappear when you open folders.

    Big thanks to iHaz3 for helping me with the weather widget.

    Color mods will be coming soon in version 1.1 or 1.2.

    Special thanks to iHaz3, Zach Wallenta, Damien Morton, Curtis Eich, Chris MacLeod, Farah Twiggy, iH8sn0w, iKrill, Kralle, Britta Gustafson, George (Bergertwit), Ryan Rudzitus, Raviraj, Fadi Shkoukani, my family, and sorry to anyone I missed (give me a break, I'm tired!), let me know if you belong here and I'll add you.


    Let me know what you guys think
    02-22-2012 11:12 PM