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    Hi. I have researched how to unlock the 3GS and have read many people's accounts on problems they have had during the process. I had unlocked a while back using ultrasn0w without making any changes to the baseband but once I updated the software, obviously the jailbreak and the unlock were gone.

    My question is:

    Is there a tutorial that will take you through the process from start to finish anywhere? This would include the whole baseband issue. I am familiar with the jail breaking process in so much as I know how to follow instructions but I am not an expert by any means. That's why a tutorial would be helpful. I am not running iOS 5.0 yet. Maybe I should be prior to unlocking?

    These are the questions I would like answered and I think a tutorial would be the best way.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? It would be very much appreciated.

    02-22-2012 12:12 PM