1. precon22's Avatar
    is there anyway to keep the status bar black all the time. such as opening safari or settings
    02-17-2012 10:08 PM
  2. 3cit's Avatar
    Have you met my friend massie???
    02-18-2012 01:30 AM
  3. Massie's Avatar
    I think he wants exactly the opposite of what I did (which was actually what I was going to do at first)...my theme gives black icons, he wants the bar itself to be black, with white icons.

    There are a few themes in Cydiasearch black status barbut I haven't tried any to check iOS 5 compatibility.
    02-18-2012 07:48 AM
  4. 3cit's Avatar
    They don't work... I might take your gene and convert it to white
    On black tomorrow... Ill have a few hours to kill in the am
    Everytime i download a statusbar theme, it only works in half the apps
    02-18-2012 08:10 PM
  5. Massie's Avatar
    There's nothing to convert in mine, it's just black icons. If you make them white, you'll just have white icons on the white status bar.

    If you want to theme the actual bar, the image names can be found here: MacThemes Forum / iOS 5 New, Changed and Relocated Images (Ask here!)
    02-18-2012 09:47 PM