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    I am researching the possibility of a jailbreak app that would allow for touch actions to be redirected from a bluetooth controller. Obviously the idea is to allow any game to be used with a bluetooth controller (ie: Wii Remote / PS3 controller / keyboard.)

    Problems I foresee and potential solutions.

    How to set up the controller without an in game menu:
    Setup would be handled per app via a settings menu. By loading an in game screenshot the user would be able to define where actions should occur on screen in the app.

    How to handle virtual analog sticks.
    Many games handle virtual d-pads/analog sticks in different ways. One method of emulation is not likely to work for all situations. In some scenarios a traditional 4 or 8 way d-pad configuration may be more ideal. In most cases, a continuous touch around a predefined "dead center" in constricted area would serve better. The problem then is defining when the touch begins and ends. (With a PS3 controller, pushing L3 could serve that function.

    How to handle swipe actions.
    Swipe actions would need to be handled as a macro and then tied to a button press.

    Games that use the accelerometer.
    If possible tie those actions to the accelerometer in a controller. However, that may not be possible.

    As I am not a huge gamer, I may not be addressing all the needed functions. Any input would be appreciated. The big ifs I have so far are, can screen input be emulated and can a PS3 controller be synced to an IOS device.

    02-07-2012 06:10 PM