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  1. Handlebars's Avatar
    I have been searching for awhile and can not find anything that works to completely hiding the slider on the lockscreen. Does anyone know of anything that works ?
    02-06-2012 11:02 PM
  2. sector107's Avatar
    lockinfo allows you to hide your lock slider but it also sets up your notification center on your lock screen. It's a pretty nice app from modmyi. check it out you might enjoy it.
    02-06-2012 11:13 PM
  3. Handlebars's Avatar
    I use Intelliscreen x. Is there anything else ?
    02-06-2012 11:19 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    Are you also wanting to hide the Slide to Unlock text? The theme attached below will get rid of the slider and the slider background. (It also gets rid of the clock background; if you want to keep that, delete the BarLCD files from the theme.)

    Pretty sure you can find all these tweaks in Cydia, though. For instance there is an Invisible Tap to Unlock available. Poke around and you'll find something that works!

    edit: I forgot that I left some padlock sliders in there...just open them in an image editor and make them transparent and they'll be fine.
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    02-06-2012 11:34 PM
  5. Handlebars's Avatar
    Yes i want to hide it all.
    02-06-2012 11:41 PM
  6. Handlebars's Avatar
    Thanks invisible tap to unlock was what i was looking for thanks.
    02-06-2012 11:48 PM
  7. Massie's Avatar
    Cool. I was about to say you could also try something like this: Cydia Search | Package | com.modmyi.slidetounlockkiller
    02-06-2012 11:55 PM
  8. sector107's Avatar
    Nolockscreen works. Push your home button and you're in. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    May the Force be with you.
    02-07-2012 08:45 AM
  9. sondo8's Avatar
    No lock screen is awesome and it's free!
    02-07-2012 03:01 PM
  10. Eileen89's Avatar
    Thanks invisible tap to unlock was what i was looking for thanks.
    This is the one that I use as well.

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    02-07-2012 03:06 PM