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    I originally jailbroken my phone with greenpoison when I was running 4.3.x. The jailbreak included the animate program for animated boot logos. When I upgraded to OS 5, and used the tethered redsnow JB, the program stayed on my system but obviously had no purpose. When I got the untethered redsnow JB, I though the program would start working again, but it didn't. Today when I logged in to Cydia I saw a bunch of new boot logos for the first time in a while, and I wonder if greenpoison absinthe has a new version of the program that works on OS 5. I'd like to have my custom boot logo back in operation.

    If there's a new program for this, what's its name, and can it be used on redsnow based
    Jailbreaks? I don't have an a5 device and don't think that absinthe works with those devices.
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