1. tyler_zyco's Avatar
    My friend and I have both jailbroken our phones (My iP4S on Greenpois0n and his iP4 on redsnow) and since then we have noticed a glitch:

    When our alarms go off in the morning, there is no window that pops up and allows us to snooze of turn off like before. If you slide to unlock, the alarm also continues.

    The only way to stop the ringing seems to be respringing the device.
    Anyone else have this problem and know of a way to alleviate it?

    Thank you!
    02-03-2012 06:40 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Just use HolidayAlarm. Twice the features, none of the problems.
    02-03-2012 09:06 AM
  3. tyler_zyco's Avatar
    Just figured out the problem!

    It seems to be with Dreamboard 1.1.4
    On the lockscreen, if an alarm goes off the window does not show. I uninstalled and it works (sucks though because I love Dreamboard's non-buggy features..)

    Somebody sound off if you experienced this too.

    P.S. I will check the app out as well and let u know what I think!
    02-03-2012 09:23 AM
  4. patricksmangan's Avatar
    I've experienced the continuous alarm a few times. When it does that try opening the clock app, then closing it, then open the quick app switcher and close the clock app in there too. I think that stops the alarm for me.
    02-03-2012 10:17 AM
  5. tyler_zyco's Avatar
    Smart workaround, thank you! do you have dreamboard installed?
    02-03-2012 05:59 PM

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