1. Shlov1's Avatar
    I jailbroke my 4s this weekend with greenpoison. Since then I have had some really strange issues occurring
    1. The notification badge on my apps do not line up with the apps. They are off center. If I swipe to a different screen and then back again it lines up.
    2. Sometimes when I go to open a certain app or folder it opens a different one. I close that and then it takes 2 or 3 times to open the one I wanted.
    3. When I open a folder sometimes, it opens all the way at the bottom of the screen and I can't get to all the apps in there.
    4. Sometimes when I touch on a folder all the other folders on that page disappear and I can't get into it,
    5. Angry Birds updated this evening and when I went to update it just hangs there and does nothing.

    I am running winterboard and had been using classica 3 as my theme but I turned that off and have just gone regular now. I have a few other tweaks on there, but this is really becoming frustrating. Any help is much appreciated.,
    02-02-2012 06:44 PM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    when in doubt, restore as new & re-jailbreak. this method has solved A LOT of issues for me and more than likely for you as well
    02-02-2012 08:49 PM