1. StaticFX's Avatar
    ok.. i was working on a theme, and deleted the wrong cache files (whoops) all my apps disappeared.

    so.. after i couldnt figure out how to get them back.. i did a restore (only had an older restore... again.. whoops)

    now i am finally back to the way it was.

    so, my question is... now that i am jailbroken. what about backups? will the work like normal through itunes? is there a trick to it? what about the fact that itunes forces a reinstall of the software.. so the JB is gone...any way around that?

    I know if you hold shift and hit restore, it lets you pick the ipsw but any other tricks i should know?

    01-30-2012 01:51 PM
  2. Tony the Tiger's Avatar
    You can restore to a backup but it removes the jailbreak. I've never had an issue where Apple forces a reinstall of the software unless I put my iPhone into DFU mode.
    01-30-2012 03:24 PM
  3. StaticFX's Avatar
    when ihad to do it earlier today.. it downloaded 5.0.1 and the I restored from iCloud (had a newer backup)
    01-30-2012 07:08 PM