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    First thing first: DO NOT TRY SIRI MIC COLORS!!

    I downloaded the red version of Siri Mic Colors, didn't like it very much, removed it from Cydia, and performed a respring.
    One problem: Cydia must have removed a core file for Siri when it removed Siri Mic Colors..
    Now when I activate Siri, there is NO mic and then my iPhone 4S crashes.
    I tried to restore from a backup but it is a core file that isn't even covered in the backup I'm guessing.

    Now for the question:

    I will need to restore my iPhone to get Siri back. But I also have a lot installed and do not want to lose it all. I would really appreciate it if some expert confirmed what I am about to do:

    BACK UP to iTunes > RESET IPHONE TO FACTORY STATE on iTunes > JAILBREAK with GreenPois0n Absinthe on the fresh iPhone > RESTORE FROM BACKUP on iTunes = All apps and jailbreak hacks will still be on the phone?

    ...Thanks in advance to anyone who took the time to read at least
    01-26-2012 02:55 PM
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    The jailbreak apps will not still be there. You will need to re download them.

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    01-26-2012 03:29 PM
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    01-26-2012 03:34 PM
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    Also, that THEME didn't break Siri! It was something else
    01-26-2012 04:32 PM
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    Also, that THEME didn't break Siri! It was something else
    I think it was the uninstall of that app that messed things up, other people have had the same problems:
    Anyone install Siri Mic Colors? Siri not working.... - MacRumors Forums
    01-26-2012 04:43 PM
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    This is perfect, I will try one of these!

    @E_Brown thank you for clarifying that for me! I almost just decided to try it and hope for the best.
    01-26-2012 04:53 PM
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    this answered a JB question of mine! thanks guys. anybody use any one of those particular back up apps?
    01-26-2012 06:41 PM
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    Just an update:
    I successfully restored Siri and my iPhone! As well as flawlessly restoring my Cydia sources and packages (not package settings though).

    I used xBackup because PkgBackup was too expensive, and it worked well. Also I chose not to use the cloud backup but from what I have read, it works. I chose to use SSH and save the backup folder to my computer for safe keeping.
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    01-26-2012 10:43 PM