1. morrow95's Avatar
    This is my first iPhone and just jb'ed the other day. Few things I have been looking to do and would like some input if there is anything out there... and what people suggest if so.

    - tethering... seems like MyWi 5 is the way to go with this one based on what people have said.

    - Ringtones, repeating, etc? Is there anything out there that allows repeat of ringtones, vibration, etc? I would really like to be able to set up a different ringtone for each of my email accounts... one for personal and another one for my business. At the moment I am using PushMail and would really like to get rid of the forwarding aspect if a jb'ed app has similar features.

    - Caller ID... anything out there which will show the city/state for calls not in the address book or something similar? I found one called intellid I believe, but it looked as if it connected to the web for a search on all calls and I wasn't found of the interface/how they showed it on the phone.

    - Call Blocker... again noticed a few, but would like to hear what people think is the best.

    - Facebook integration for sharing photos, uploading photos, sharing links, etc like twitter is by default

    If there is anything else out there people really use then post those as well. I have CallBar installed and a few tweaks to safari. Looked at IntelliScreenX, but not sure if I would use most of the features.
    01-24-2012 10:19 PM
  2. chadillacaz81's Avatar
    For teathering i have MyWi and love it, having some issues with connecting my iPhone to the hotspot i created tho, works awesome especially in college. I have intelliscreen but i notice i hardly look at it. I also have intellid which works nice. It doesnt work everytime but when it does its a cool feature. If you add certain repositories it will allow you to swipe text if you are interested but be careful if you add tweaks from these as they can mess up your phone and cause you to start all over. And by this i mean a hard reset...DFU mode then restore then rejailbreak. I dont know what tweaks you have added so far but ive done alot to my iphone 4s and it doesnt glitch or move any slower. I hope this info helps
    02-26-2012 11:17 AM
  3. rich67's Avatar
    For tethering I'd recommend PDA net over MiWi. First of all, it's free, and it works awesome.
    I use Intelliscreen (awesome) for all my info in one spot.
    I make my own ringtones and load them into my phone by iTunes. No need for an app.
    Caller ID is useless for me. I don't answer calls from anyone except the ones already in my contacts.
    I use MyPhone+ to sync Facebook contacts to my regular contacts. It's a regular app, but seems to work the best for that kind of integration.
    I'd be interested in call blocker apps too, if anyone has any to recommend.
    02-26-2012 11:27 AM