1. TheGoodSon's Avatar
    Does the latest version of redsn0w jailbreak software automatically unlock your device with the iPad baseband or does it just jailbreak it.

    the older version of redsn0w used to have the option of just jailbreak and if you wanted to unlock it then you needed to manually check the box to install the iPad baseband.

    the reason i ask is because i don't want to unlock my 3GS i just want to jailbreak it. because the last 3GS i did this mod to and selected the unlock feature i had a heck of time getting my service (signal) back. so this time around i just want the jailbreak so i won't need to go through all that hassle of getting a signal to my iPhone and trying to hacktivate or create a custom firmware.

    i just want the easy jailbreak reboot and go type of install.
    01-23-2012 01:07 PM