1. MatthewX's Avatar
    Using absinthe for windows? I've jailbroken before but that was way on my 3G. Just don't want to do banking on it if it's jailbroken and if there's a security hole

    01-22-2012 07:47 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    It is no less secure than it was non jailbroken.
    01-22-2012 09:07 AM
  3. BLiNK's Avatar
    as for an average user i would say you would be safe. however, if you ever start messing with SSH then the theory is you need to change your mobile password etc.. for security purposes

    i am too paranoid, jailbroken or not, so i do all of my online banking on my PC. probably no safer than doing it on my device but peace of mind helps get me over it
    01-22-2012 09:45 AM
  4. MatthewX's Avatar
    So providing i use the official app for banking i shouldn't be at any more risk than usual?
    01-22-2012 10:24 AM
  5. Boobie12's Avatar
    Yea it really shouldn't affect your banking app, or the security of your banking app.
    01-22-2012 10:28 AM
  6. kch50428's Avatar
    Do you ever give your credit card to a waitron at an eatery, and they take it off to God knows where, and bring you back a slip to sign?

    Online banking on a JB phone is safer than that.
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    01-22-2012 10:29 AM
  7. MatthewX's Avatar
    Never looked at it like that, cheers! Jailbreaking now, hopefully all goes well!
    01-22-2012 10:40 AM
  8. talonted91tsi's Avatar
    Ive been banking on mine... As someone stated it is not anymore secure or unsecure being jailbroken.
    01-22-2012 02:08 PM