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    ive been reading articles all over google and other forums, where people swear that jailbreaking a device can heavily drain the battery. i would say i was using my phone more than usual yesterday, but the phone was down to 20% after being unplugged from 4pm-midnight. frankly, i think thats horrible battery life.....even worse than my blackberry 9860 EVER was. my phone was unplugged for like 30 or so minutes and only sent a few texts and it was already starting to make its way south of 98-97%.

    is jailbreaking really that much harder on battery life? i was content with my blackberry being in the 3%/hr discharge rate with normal use. when i first got this phone, before actually using it, i had it sitting on my desk on wifi only and unplugged. with the sleep button active and just having it sit there, it went over 12 hours without dropping from 100%. now i know mobile network drains are alot higher, but maybe someone can shed some light on what the basic battery life is like for these things since im new to them.
    01-08-2012 03:44 AM
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    it's all relative to what jailbroken apps/tweaks you have loaded onto your device. it's safe to say that the process of jailbreaking itself does not and will not cause battery performance issues. however, it is a known fact that there are 1000's of jailbroken apps/tweaks out there that WILL cause battery issues. one way to test would be only add new apps/tweaks at a slow rate so you can monitor better. that's just the way it is in the jailbreak scene. a lot of codes are poorly written which in turn will have devastating effects on your device. you'll find that typically your more popular apps/tweaks will be better supported and run smoother

    my opinion is jailbreaking is kind of a give and take situation; yes, you will have a lot of other options that a normal user would have but it may come with a price of hindering your device of performance. it's just the way it is. this is why a lot of people end up not jailbreaking because of the horror stories they read. but if you do some research and know what you are doing, and getting into, then there should not be any surprises

    as far as you using 3% per hour?? not likely. you may have noticed that being jailbroken is A LOT more intriguing than being stock, which equates to spending more time on your device. i feel too many people disregard this simple fact sometimes and in the end say "jailbreaking kills your battery" when there is a completely logical reason for this

    probably not a fair comparison to use your blackberry as a measuring stick since the iPhone is a completely different device and way more interesting, IMHO. in the end jailbroken or not the iPhone is an amazing device and if you find that you may have to bump charge at one point during the day because of usage, then so be it. it boggles my mind when people obsess about their battery so much. i cannot believe how anyone can enjoy any device when they are focusing on battery performance constantly
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    01-08-2012 10:03 AM
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    I'm not going to say what BLiNK has already said. I will tell you that my JBen iPhone has outlasted many stock iPhones I know. I charge my phone all night and by noon the next day when it's about in the 70s I charge it agian and by night time when I put it to charge it is in the 70s or 60s. I have a handful of JB apps and tweaks. The important thing anything that runs your screen will burn the most battery. If I leave my twitter on all day long tweeting back and forth I can kill my battery. If I use my iPhone and lock it put it away in my pocket I get my usual battery life.
    01-08-2012 06:34 PM
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    alright fair enough. i use it mostly for email and SMS/iM. just seems that its rate of depletion seemed a little higher than i thought it would be (compared to when it wasnt JB) and the only app i have installed from cydia is the black keyboard. ill see how things pan out.
    01-08-2012 09:41 PM