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    Okay so I bought an iPhone 4 with baseband 01.59.00

    When I first tried my sim in the phone before purchasing, it accepted my T-Mobile Sim Card but it did not have ultrasn0w.

    I updated to 5.0.1, jailbroke it with a preserved baseband of 01.59.00 and installed ultrasn0w just in case and its unlocked of course but it also has the personal hotspot enabled and I don't have tetherMe installed on this phone.

    Is there a slight chance that I have a Factory Unlocked phone?

    Is there a way to tell?

    Also, I can't edit any network setting to get MMS working, idk if thats a characteristic of an unlocked phone (i doubt it.)

    edit: I discovered the solution to the cellular date network being unavailable.
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