1. PandaExpress22's Avatar
    My jail-broken IPhone4 crashed. It was version 4.0. Cydia on it. It won't boot past the white Apple at start. I did a recent backup on ITunes.

    Anyway to restore the Iphone4 from my backup and not loose the JailBreak? If I click restore, will that upgrade my phone and block any new jailbreak?

    It will enter DFU mode

    Please help. I'm stuck without a phone right now.

    Thanks so much
    09-16-2011 06:34 PM
  2. Supra1jz's Avatar
    If you restore yes it will lose everything it will be like a new phone also when u restore if not using tiny umbrella it will restore to the latest firmware.
    09-16-2011 07:46 PM
  3. PandaExpress22's Avatar
    Thanks supra1jz. That is what I really don't want. I'm a flight attendant and use the swipe to airport mode all the time. And love the tethering for the hotels that have slow internet. In fact, I am on a trip right now and trying to get my phone running again. Terrible not to have a working phone when you travel. But I don't want to rush the process and loose the ability to jailbreak my IPhone. Slow downloading at the hotel....20 mins to download ios4 ipsw
    09-16-2011 07:50 PM