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    i have an ipod touch 4g on a teathered 4.3 jailbreak (sn0wbreeze). earlier today some of my apps werent opening but everything else was working ok. respringing did nothing so i rebooted and ran ibooty to boot it. the first time it didnt work but that sometimes happenes so i did it the second time. this time i got the connect to itunes screen. the weird thing is that i still get push notifications and i can swipe where the status bar should be to get sbsettings. i can also ssh into it. i had a passcode so i cant get on itunes to restore it. whats going on! is there anything i can do? like how could i remove my passcode via ssh? please help! nevermind i cant ssh with winscp because i deleded a file thinking it would disable the passcode but now i cant connect to my router becasue it doesnt have the pass stored anymore. is there a program or way with buttons i can restore it?
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    08-29-2011 03:22 PM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    I think there is a program called iPhone browser so u can get in to the files system without wifi maybe then u can extract your shsh blobs so you can restore
    08-29-2011 04:42 PM
  3. sabrefan's Avatar
    doesnt work. it doesnt find the ipod
    08-29-2011 05:11 PM
  4. jivarro's Avatar
    I had the same issue a while ago, ended up going without a jailbreak to fix it.
    08-29-2011 08:22 PM
  5. iRandom's Avatar
    Use TinyUmbrella to backup SHSH blobs.
    09-03-2011 02:17 PM
  6. jeffrey1027's Avatar
    Too late to use TU.. Apple isn't signing that firmware anymore. Best thing to do is update to iOS 4.3.5 and use redsn0w on a tethered jb
    09-03-2011 05:44 PM