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    Hi all take it easy as I'm new to the world of jailbreaking. Unlike that knob that posted earlier I have been searching for methods of jailbreaking the most up to date iOS 4.3.5. I think the cons outweight the pros when it comes to having a tethered jailbroken iphone. So is there a way of reverting back to an older iOS and if so which iOS is the easiest to jailbreak? Is jailbreakme.com a better way of jailbreaking than downloading the redsn0w software? Any help would be most appreciated.
    08-17-2011 09:29 AM
  2. liquidzoo's Avatar
    You would only be able to revert if you have saved shsh blobs for 4.3.3 or earlier. Download TinyUmbrella to find out. If so, the process (from what I understand) is fairly simple.

    Jailbreakme.com is simple in the fact that you don't need a computer to jailbreak your phone. Otherwise, it accomplishes the same thing as redsn0w. Some prefer it, since it's a one step method.
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    08-17-2011 09:38 AM
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    Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Have downloaded and run UT but it seems that i don't have any saved shsh blobs of 4.3.3 or earlier. Guess I'm stuck with the tethered option however I've read that most apps downloaded from Cydia don't support 4.3.5? If that's true I'm stuck as f**k!
    08-17-2011 09:54 AM
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    I'm jailbroken on 4.3.3 (and I haven't upgraded my wife past that, just in case she wants to jailbreak as well), so I'm not sure.
    08-17-2011 10:27 AM
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    Damn, I wish I had done the same now! Just out of interest what are your favourite jailbreak apps? Sorry to take things off topic but just trying to get as much info as possible before I go and find some more extreme methods of rectifying my situation.
    08-17-2011 10:32 AM
  6. liquidzoo's Avatar
    I make my own Winterboard themes, but I like apps that customize the look and functionality of my phone. I use 5 icon dock and 5 icon folder (more for the infinite folder capacity than the 5 across, which is customizable).

    I also use RemoveBG (use an Activator shortcut, mine is double tap the status bar, to clear all open programs except those that I've excluded), FakeClockUp and BiteSMS. Some others I've installed simply to help with themes.

    I don't do things like tether, so I have no need for some programs that a lot of others use.
    08-17-2011 12:42 PM