1. Gary86's Avatar
    Has there been a way to fully root the Android OS onto the iPhone 4?
    08-10-2011 10:38 PM
  2. Fausty82's Avatar
    Not that I am aware of... and certainly not that I'd be interested in trying. If you want an android, buy one. If you want an iPhone, but one of those. But why would you want to screw around like that? #dontgetit
    08-10-2011 10:44 PM
  3. Peligro911's Avatar
    It would be cool to see but don't get the point like Hank said.. Not unless it unlocked some hidden super power
    08-10-2011 11:58 PM
  4. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    Why do it? iPhone only has one primary button, even if you remapped everything the user experience would be odd at best. I agree with hank, if you want a android device go and get one, there are lot's of great android devices on the market.
    08-11-2011 01:58 AM
  5. Jurdain's Avatar
    Download Dreamboard from cydia.. it comes with the best android theme that i know off, it fully makes your device look like a android. Hope this helped in someway.
    08-14-2011 10:27 AM