1. Sergeant_Manny's Avatar
    Okay, so I, like many of you would love for a GPS fix for the 4.3 jailbreak but I stumbled onto somewhat of a solution.

    So I have MiWi on my iPhone 3GS and I connected my iPod touch 1st gen to it.

    I opened up the maps app out of curiosity and I noticed that it picked up my exact location.

    I then went to the maps on my iPhone and the GPS also tagged me in the exact location (wifi is off this whole time so it wasn't based off the wifi location)

    What I'm going yo experiment with is seeing if on the road, I'll be able to use my iPod Touch as a GPS device while the iPhone gets data off of EDGE (its on the T-Mobile network)

    I'm saying this because as far as I know, there is still no solution for the GPS issue right?
    08-07-2011 05:11 AM