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    Lets face it. Cydia as great as it is can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for or something that would be great to have. I've seen top 5 apps and themes but lets focus on tweaks specifically. Try to list what it does and if it costs anything. Hopefully we can all learn something new.

    My top 5 so far are:

    Fast Copy (removes the delay in time it takes to perform a copy when copy/paste)
    Pull to refresh safari (allows you to pull down to refresh like twitter/Facebook)
    Popup Blocker (allows you to customize where and when specific popup notifications occur. $.99 with 14 day trial)
    Weather Icon (Puts real time temperature on the stock weather app & allows the temperature to be visible in status bar)
    Five icon dock (exactly how it sounds)

    I'm new to JB so I've only just begun. Looking forward to seeing tons of great suggestions.

    I know I said 5 but I found another tweak that is a must in my opinion.
    StayOpened free tweak that allows you to install AppStore apps and not leave the app store. It installs them in the background!
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    Great topic; I've been thinking a lot about this lately with all the great stuff being released as part of TweakWeek. Here are a few of my favorites--and for others adding to the list, a simple way to see if something qualifies as a Tweak is to open Cydia and look in Sections>Tweaks; if it's in there, it counts:

    Barrel: Visual effects for your springboard. $2.99
    Enhanced Tabs: Lets you open new tabs in background and more. Free
    FakeClockUp: Speeds up your UI animations to make your phone seem faster. Free
    Lockinfo/Popup Blocker: Amazingly, these are both classified as Tweaks. Essential for keeping your information--email, sms, calendar, etc--organized and available at any time, in any app. $7.99 includes both licenses. 14 day trial available.
    Remove Background: Clear out all running background apps, but also set certain apps to stay backgrounded.

    There are a ton of great tweaks out there, both paid and free; these were just the first that jumped to my mind...let's hear about some more!
    07-31-2011 08:13 PM
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    SMS GV Extension - integrates Google Voice text into the Messages app

    Lockinfo - the tweak that Notification Center in iOS 5 sherlock'd as Rene Ritchie says (hope I got the spelling correct)

    PandoraSkips unlimited skips in pandora

    Activator - assign different actions to button presses and gestures

    BiteSMS - ($4.99?) advanced messaging tweak
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    BiteSMS - excellent pop up notifications

    Dreamboard - Suprisingly great for themes

    SBSettings - fast on/off toggles, RAM notification, etc

    MyWi - Internet Tethering

    3gUnrestrictor - no more 3g restricitons for apps that depend on wifi for higher fidelity.
    08-03-2011 08:14 AM
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    These are my Top 5, lesser known tweaks:

    Syncronicity - Use your iDevice while it's syncing!
    Bolt - Hide the Battery icon on the status bar. Places a bolt only when charging.
    DataDeposit - Backup iOS app data content to Dropbox.
    AndroidLock - unlock your iDevice using a specific pattern.
    Remove Background - Removes everything from the multitasking bar and kills all processes. Comes with Activator and SBSetting compatibility.
    08-14-2011 04:02 AM
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    Backforwardenhancer - holding back or forward buttons in safari brings up recent history

    Cydelete - delete Cydia apps from springboard like normal apps

    Activator - assign gestures to open apps, etc

    Infinifolders - folder scrolling and more than 12 apps per folder

    And as mentioned before, SBSettings

    08-14-2011 09:34 PM
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    All right, call me a stickler, but I think a thread about the best tweaks should be limited to tweaks and not full blown apps. (And to be honest, classifying Lockinfo as a tweak really isn't fair.) In other words, a tweak is something that makes a small change, usually to an existing program or interface--not a full blown app in its own right like BiteSMS, MyWi, or SBSettings.

    Obviously that stuff is great, but it would be nice to give the smaller stuff some coverage too. For a look at what's available, check out these links:
    Cydia Search | Section | tweaks
    Cydia Search | Section | tweak
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