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  1. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Check this app out if you would like to save your shsh blobs on the device itself Save iOS 4.3.4 / 4.2.9 SHSH Blobs Using iSH**** | Redmond Pie I just glanced through it but for anyone looking to downgrade having it on the device must make it alot easier. I also loved the name lol
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    07-22-2011 06:13 AM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    +1...I've used it before to email myself blobs when I didn't have my laptop (and Tiny Umbrella) handy. Cool little tool.
    07-22-2011 09:14 AM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Yeah it seems really cool when I read up on it, especially since it enables you to save the blobs the second after you upgrade the firmware. So there is no chance you'll end up without the possibility of it being too late.
    07-22-2011 10:20 AM
  4. dcgore's Avatar
    Nice! thx.
    07-22-2011 12:06 PM