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    OK. Here I go. I bought a jailbroken 3gs from a guy on craigslist a few months ago. I took it home the day I bought it and updated it. I had no need for a jailbroken and unlocked iphone. I didn't check the iOS version or baseband. I just synced it up with my old phone. I ran into some error, I think it was 1015 too. My phone wouldn't update and it was stuck in recover mode. After pulling my hair out I got it to work. A month later I tried to update my 3GS to current 4.2.3? or whatever it is. And guess what. I ran into error 1015! My phone wasnt even jail broken on 4.2.2 so I don't see what the problem is!
    I was reading online and I think this is what the previous owner did: he jailbroke and unlocked it on 4.2.1 using the ipad baseband 6.15. And I read if you do that theres no way you can change it.................
    But I found a few videos and articles that says it can take the 6.15 ipad baseband and flash the baseband using redsn0w .9.6b5 or .9.6b6.
    I tried using redsn0w and I do all the steps and redsn0w says Done! and it tells me my phone will do the rest. But on my phone all the white text flies by on the screen it and then it goes to this
    Please wait...
    Please wait...
    Please wait...
    Please wait...
    Please wait...

    It does this for a good 10 minutes.
    Then it goes back into recover mode. The end.

    How can I update my phone just to work again!

    Here is the article and video I've been looking at

    Download: redsn0w 0.9.6b5 iPhone / iPad / iTouch iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak [Mac / Windows] | iPhone World

    07-20-2011 01:32 PM
  2. myzhi's Avatar
    If the phone has the hacked 6.15 Ipad baseband, you can only restore the phone with a custom firmware file (one that does not change the baseband). If Apple is still signing 4.3.3, put the phone into DFU mode and restore with a custom 4.3.3 firmware file. If not, you will have to use a custom 4.3.4 firmware file which will probably be a tethered JB.
    07-20-2011 02:23 PM
  3. Reptar's Avatar
    Ok I see. I found a 4.3.3 custom firmware and it worked! Baseband is still 6.15 like you said tho..
    Do you think there will ever be away to go to the baseband apple wants me at?
    And when I upgrade to ios 5 do you think ill need a custom firmware as well or will I be able to do it normally?
    07-20-2011 02:55 PM
  4. myzhi's Avatar
    Unless Apple releases a baseband higher than 6.15 for the 3G / 3GS, you will never be able to update normally. Doubtful, it will ever happen. The newest 4.3.4 firmware has the 5.16 baseband. There are a lot of numbers available between 5.16 to 6.15 for Apple to use.
    07-21-2011 05:49 AM