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    Hey guys, so I need some help. I just jailbroke my iPhone two days ago with no problems, and the theme I've been wanting to download is Isatin or Carbon ovation red. But when I go through Cydia to download theme, I get an error of "Hash Sum mismatch" everytime, In fact I get this error with all of themes from this author.

    So I thought I would download theme through the computer, I used Diskaid to install them, yet with Isatin or carbon ovation I get the message:
    "Error opening destination folder (/library/Themes/Carbon.theme/Folders/MobilePhone.app/BarRecents_Sel.png). Close any other application on your device that may be locking this file"

    It seems like no matter what my phone won't let me download this theme. Every other theme works fine. I've looked around and no one else seems to be having this issue with it, any advice on what it could be?
    07-19-2011 07:04 PM