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    First, when I respring I get the annoying car alarm sound. Thing is, I thought I removed this sound from my phone...

    I am using toneFX which is working fine everywhere except here. Where do I set the sound for respring?

    Second, My custom bootlogo only works on my first respring, then all I get is the loading wheel. Any ideas on how to keep it around every respring?


    Update 7/19/2011:

    Sound problem solved! The "respring sound" or "charging sound" that I encountered was due to a sound pack I had downloaded. The sound pack had a sound called beep-beep.caf which replaced the system beep-beep.caf as it was in the themes folder.

    Turns out, looking through theme folders is a great way to look for solutions to your issues.

    Now if I could just find out where my respring screen image is being set from. It is not in SBSettings. My boot logo only works on respring the first two times off a fresh boot which is quite annoying.
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