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    Ok so here is the theme I am working on for myself (More images in my profile):



    Here is what I want to do:

    -Find a matching icon theme that maintains theme. Same with folders.

    -Animate the typing of the top text. This is currently part of the wallpaper. I would love to have it animated so it looks like it is being typed by the system. Even better would be if after it was all typed it would dissapear to blank white after a few seconds. Then upon re-unlocking, it would type it all again.

    -Get a worthwhile carrier logo.

    -Retinize the signal bars or obtain better looking retina equivalent.

    -Add one sweet touch to make it all come together as a progressive theme. Not sure what that is yet.

    I am willing to work with anyone to make it happen. I am not much of a programmer, but I know enough to be dangerous.

    Any help this community could provide would be sincerely appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!

    Update 7/18/2011:

    Here is the updated screenshots as of today. I made the slider on the LS. The springboard now has better folders. Still looking to add the above. No one has even replied to this post so I could be waiting awhile.



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