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    Hey all. I've been on here since July 2009 and advanced in jailbreaking, modding the phone, etc. Done some tricky things people say can't be done, etc. But never unlocked because I've always been on AT&T. Got a quick question though. Since I'm already jailbroken on my 3GS and I want to unlock can I do that without loosing the jailbreak. Reason being I'm only going to sell the phone if I get the right price. Which might not happen. I was jailbroken on 4.3.3 way before jailbreakme newest jailbreak came out. So haven't been that route yet. I did when the original comex jailbreakme came out some time back. Thanks in advance. By the way. I'm on the old bootrom 3GS.

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    To software unlock, the baseband must be supported by Ultrasnow. For 3G/3GS iphones, only 5.13 or lower & 6.15 (hacked Ipad) basebands are supported.

    If you haven't been saving your baseband while updating to 4.3.3 firmware, you will have a none supported baseband. Thus, the only way to unlock the phone is by installing the 6.15 hacked Ipad baseband onto the phone. Doing this will cause the GPS to now work, can't update with official firmware due to hack Ipad baseband and Apple will know the phone has been JB. If you are going to sale the phone, I wouldn't install the hacked Ipad baseband. Let the buyer do it and accept the consequences.
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