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    I'm cross posting from the Dev's forum for more views and maybe an answer (?) Please excuse the lack of etiquete...
    so about 6 months ago I came across a blog by a dev who made a step by step guide to repartition the storage and install a number of pentesting tools. Now his blog is gone and I can't find the copy I had saved.
    No one archived the site or this guide. At least not that I can find.
    I really want to find this guide. I need to repartition but I don't want an iBrick.
    The blog's address was blog.nickmpetty (dot) com
    and the author was (obviously) Nick M Petty.
    Lots of blogs re-blogged the story with links back to the article, but they're all dead links now too.
    Ugh... I can't believe Goog failed me.
    07-14-2011 07:37 PM