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    New member looking for some advice from the wise guys, basically I bought a iphone a few weeks back with no signal, restore it using itunes and Quickpwn then unlocked it via Cydia, everything was easy following the tutorials and it worked perfectly, sold it and made a profit and bought another phone with with the same problem, its a 3GS 16GB which at the moment is running firmware 4.1 on Baseband 6.15. Anyway I've jailbroken it, installed Cyndia and unlocked it (in theory) but im still getting no signal and wifi wont work, it was supposidly unlock by O2 prior to this. Spent hours looking for a soloution but can't find one, tried the resetting network trick and flicking 3G on/off but it just states "searching" and then "no service", swapped sims cards over with one that worked on the last phone, no luck there. I thought that maybe there was a problem internally with the antenna but Wifi works fine when theres no sim card inserted so it cant be that either ??

    Any ideas please ??
    07-06-2011 04:42 AM