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    I have jailbroken my iphone several times from iOS 4.1 onwards, and have installed quite a few apps. It is factory-unlocked so I only need the JB. My experience is that when I upgrade iOS again and use it for a few days un-jailbroken, it is much snappier e.g. double-clicking home to see active and recent apps is much faster. Even though I would miss SBS settings, Lockinfo and Snappy (for instant photos) very much, I could do without many of my other tweaks and so I am tempted to stay un-jailbroken. But why is this? Is it the JB itself that causes this slowdown or is it some of the tweaks? It also crashes occasionally so some instability has been created by the JB. Lets face it iOS is brilliant and Apple will not trade stability for tweaks - and they are right. Those of us who have the aforesaid problems know it is not Apple's fault. We are all choosing to live with this in order to have more utilities and tweaks. But myself, I am starting to feel the

    Would be glad to hear what others think and to know if many more have experienced this lag in response after JB.

    Thanks, JJ
    06-17-2011 01:33 PM
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    There is always some lag with jb but it's very very minimal or almost not at all unless you really want to nit pick!
    06-17-2011 02:42 PM
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    iOS is not brilliant there are alot of things that can be improved. It is an awesome OS and the only mobile one worth any salt IMO. However it is in no way the end all or be all since there are things that can be improved. It really irks me when people blame the JB for instability and performance. The JB has nothing to do with any instability it's the apps users use, the more and millions of tweaks heaped on top of each other. I've been on a JB phone for 4 years now, I have never used a phone that wasn't JBen. I have never complained on here of any instability problems and have better battery life than most Pure users. If you use every option in iOS see how long your battery lasts.
    06-18-2011 10:45 PM

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