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    My iPhone 3GS is on 4.1 BB: 6.15 and after unlock it seemed to work fine. But it would constantly search and eventually get to "No Service" after a while the phone would start to reboot, so i did my methods like restore to a custom firmware, re install Ultrasn0w, restore to a clean firmware of 4.1, toggling airplane mode and 3G, resetting Network Settings, re installed the iPad Baseband.

    It would work for an x amount of days then i have to repeat the procedures again. Sometimes it would fix itself if i left it off for a while but it only fixes it for a short amount of time.

    It appears as if the problem got worse because now it just goes straight into "Searching" it never stops. Even when i take out the SIM card, restore it, or reboot it. Even when i did a clean restore it showed the "Searching bar"

    I thought it was my SIM card so i put it into another phone and that wasn't the problem.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    06-11-2011 03:55 AM