1. erbprinz87's Avatar
    When I try to open a file in another app (e. g. opening a downloaded pdf in goodreader or a document opening a document in dropbox/sugarsync in openoffice) my iphone 4 running on iOS 4.3.2 crashes (it freezes and restarts after about 5 minutes). I have read on the internet that it could have something to do with Safari Download Manager, though deleting that tweak didn't help. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it even a problem connected to Jailbreaking??
    06-07-2011 04:39 PM
  2. erbprinz87's Avatar
    Hey guys, I figured out which app was causing these problems. It is multifl0w, uninstalling solves my issues.
    06-09-2011 03:06 PM
  3. eyeseeyou's Avatar
    I registered to this forum for this exact reason.

    I uninstalled multiflow and the problem still exists but made a little progress.

    I tried to open an excel sheet from the mail app to "open in" goodreader. Phone froze and restarted. I tried about 3x. What I did find is that the file actually was copied to the goodreader app but just failed to open. I found 3 copies of the excel sheet within the app.

    09-27-2011 06:07 PM