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    Whether youre just trying to update iOS firmware, downgrade, or jailbreak, its not terribly unusual for an iPhone to get stuck in Recovery Mode. Youll know youre stuck because the phone displays the classic USB to iTunes logo, and iTunes gives you the Recovery Mode detected message. Sometimes you can escape just by hardbooting the phone, but if that doesnt work you can use a tool like RecBoot.

    Download RecBoot Now

    This is how simple RecBoot is to use:

    Download & launch RecBoot
    Plug in your iPhone (or iPod touch)
    Click on Exit Recovery

    Its seriously that easy.

    In addition to allowing you to escape from Recovery Mode, RecBoot will also enter into Recovery, which allows you to downgrade iOS firmware assuming you have SHSH blobs saved. If you dont want to bother with RecBoot you can also learn how to enter and exit manually, but its a bit harder so I would generally recommend just clicking a button with the app instead.

    Finally, tools like TinyUmbrella work in Mac OS X or Windows, but RecBoot does nothing else and is very foolproof, thus the recommendation.
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    05-16-2011 04:32 PM