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    I made this video to show off the new tweak retina-izer that was just released on Cydia. What it does is that it will play select games (updates will increase supported games) at full resolution giving you the full retina experience. I made a video showing the difference with and without retina-izer installed. Take a look, the difference is a bit subtle at first glance but you can definitely see the increased resolution as Sonic is smaller and sharper with Retina-izer...

    Retinaizer forces native resolution (960x640) rendering in OpenGLES apps on the iPhone4 and IpodTouch4G
    Excuse the stuttering, it was caused by playing Sonic and running Display Recorder at the same time. Normally there is zero stuttering...

    Retina-izer is free on Cydia.

    Here are two Screen grabs:

    Normal (w/o Retina-izer)

    With Retina-izer
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    My friend just told me about this. Holy Hell with Sonic 4 it looks....simply gorgeous.
    10-08-2010 08:29 PM