1. mattybaby19's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Ive been jailbreaking my 3GS for ages now but theres one thing im confused about.

    I brought my 3GS in the UK on O2 network. I paid O2 to get it officially unlocked so I could use a tmobile sim (as at the time i updated to 3.1.3 and there was no jailbreak tool).

    I then JB with spirit when i realised i had my SHSH backed up. Once i dont this my sim would not work so I had to use ultrasn0w to unlock it.

    I want to know if im able to use my tmobile sum without having to use ultrasn0w as it stops my push notifications working and a few other things??
    09-18-2010 01:26 PM
  2. myzhi's Avatar
    If you have and official carrier unlock, it will forever be unlock and you don't have to do anything else to use with a different carrier, include installing ultrasnow.
    09-18-2010 02:27 PM
  3. mattybaby19's Avatar
    well thats what i assumed but when i jailbroke my phone my sim wouldnt work and so had to use ultrash0w... im not sure if im doing something wrong
    09-18-2010 02:32 PM
  4. Miggs2002's Avatar
    do you have access to another network sim, vodafone maybe?

    i bought mine on o2 before any other networks sold them, i too had it JB on 3.1.2 then had o2 unlock it for 20 on a payg sim, it worked fine, then i JB on 3.1.3 with spirit and i was able to use my voda sim without ultrasn0w, i'm thinking it might be t-mobile as they do seem to cause problems on the iPhone
    09-18-2010 03:41 PM
  5. theringer's Avatar
    This is my understanding of how it works.

    Carrier unlock = software just like ultrasnow. Restore the device or wipe it, wipes out that software unlock

    Official unlock (bought from apple unlocked) and the locking software is not even present so restores/wipes do not remove this unlock.

    Correct me if im wrong?
    09-18-2010 03:46 PM
  6. Miggs2002's Avatar
    That's the way I understand it also
    09-19-2010 01:58 AM