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    is there any new info on unlocking an I-Phone 3Gs running OS4.0 with bootrom 359.3.2?

    im a TOTAL newb to the iphone scene, but a vetran in the DSS/Dishnet world, and PSP/Ps2/Wii scene...... ive been reading up on this stuff for a day or so, and am confused on a few things.

    a guy i know has a new IPhone 3Gs OS4.0 with the new bootrom, and he wants to sell it to me for 390.00, and its on AT&T at the moment. From what im reading, i should be able to jailbreak it with Jailbreakme 2.0, but after that its still unlockable. Is this correct?

    from your guys standpoints, should i go out on a limb and buy it, with the assumption it will be unlockable in the future (i know nothing is guaranteed!)

    Im located in Manitoba, Canada, so AT&T is not avail. to me here, and if i can unlock it, i'd be using the Rogers Network.....

    from what i can see here, 390.00 is a great deal on a phone like this, and if i wait till its unlock-able, im sure the price will go to around 500.00... so thats the delema im in here! ;-)

    any and all opinions are appreciated....

    Thanks for now!

    09-13-2010 10:52 AM