1. luckymunthasav's Avatar
    As if right now I have a million apps that I need to update in the App store and so for Installous and Cydia. I dont want to update those apps. How do I disable the badges? As you can see I have 16 for App Store, 14 for Installous, and 4 for Cydia.
    09-10-2010 01:52 PM
  2. myzhi's Avatar
    09-10-2010 01:55 PM
  3. Massie's Avatar
    No Folder Badges (in Cydia) will disable badges, but it disables ALL of them--email, SMS, etc.
    Here's a link to a post about it.

    (This has nothing to do with piracy...might be a good idea to edit your post, OP, if you aren't banned.)
    09-10-2010 02:10 PM